Being young and being a Christian can be difficult! When you look around it feels like you are the only one that believes that God is real. Maybe you have questions no one can answer or maybe sometimes you even wonder or God is real! DYG -international holiday can help you out with your questions about faith. You will learn a lot about God and about being a Christian, you will make new international friends and have a lot of fun! During this holiday you can ask your unanswered questions and get to know God! DYG international Holiday is the place about Faith, Fun and Friendship!

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This year DYG’s International Holiday takes place from 21 July until 30 July! This holiday takes place in the Netherlands at ‘The Friendship.’ The Friendship is an old Cargo Ship, rebuild and now used as a youth centre. You will stay at the Friendship and during the holiday the ship will sail! There will be different keynote speakers about biblical themes. And of course there is a great program with lots of fun activities like cannoning and visiting a Castle!

Check out our program right here!

To participate you have to be between 16 and 22 years old. Because it’s an international youth event there are some rules. You can read all about our program regulations, standards
and statement of faith right here.

Download the Pastor recommodation here.

DYG stands for Discipling Youth Globally. DYG is established by Henk Schouten (The Netherlands) Art J. Nilsen (Portugal) and Barry M. Corkern (US). Their vision is to help young people build a solid Christian foundation for life and to help them develop as future leaders in their respective countries. By making the program international, we hope that the participants will build confidence that the Christian life, and lifestyle, is for everyone, not just for life "back home" and that participants can also learn of each other’s cultures. We hope that live long relations will be build and that also after the DYG holiday contact will remain.

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